Installation procedure on Windows is straight-forward using an installer.

  • Connect the Orbbec Astra camera to one of the USB ports
  • Look for the new hardware notification in Device Manager under Other devices
  • A look at the contents of the driver
  • Open the Sensor Driver folder and look for SensorDriver_V4.3.0.4.exe
  • Double click the .exe and wait for the installer to begin and then click on the Install option
_images/setup1.JPG _images/setup2.JPG
  • Click Next
_images/setup3.JPG _images/setup4.JPG
  • Click on Finish and the installation is complete

Now, the driver must be visible in Device Manager



Adapted from the Readme file provided by Orbbec.


  • For user with ARM based development board:
  • With CPU Structure older than Cortex A17, use OpenNI-Linux-Arm-2.3 Nofilter.tar for better performance.

Download the OpenNI2 Zip Package from Orbbec - There are two zip files, one is for a 32bit machine and the other for a 64bit machine.

Let’s choose 64bit (x64) and install the driver using an example as follows:

  • To run visual samples(e.g., SimpleViewer), you will need freeglut3 header and libaries, please install
$ sudo apt-get install build-essential freeglut3 freeglut3-dev

Check the udev version, Orbbec Driver needs

If you can’t find it then make a symbolic link from, which is usually located at /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu or /lib/i386-linux-gnu


Type the following commands, only if you could not find the right udev version.

$ ldconfig -p | grep
$ cd /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu
$ sudo ln -s

Next, let’s install the OpenNI 2 driver.

  • Download the tgz(or zip) file to directory (e.g., /home) and unzip it.
            $ cd ~/Downloads
            $ wget
            $ unzip
$ cd 2-Linux
$ unzip -d ~/OpenNi
$ cd ~/OpenNi/OpenNi-Linux-x64-2.3
  • Run to generate OpenNIDevEnvironment, which contains OpenNI development environment
$ sudo chmod a+x
$ sudo ./
  • Please replug the Orbbec Astra device for usb-register
  • Add environment variables
$ source OpenNIDevEnvironment